Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storms Oct. 29th 2012

I Love Storms!  More than anything, Storms get my Blood up.  My Heart Races and my Energy Rushes and my Mind just Flies!  Yes, I am glad to be safely at home, yes I am happy to cuddle with my Pwca pressed up against me and a hot cup of coffee in my hand, yes I am grateful to be warm and dry with power and water and access to the world but, once the Darkness comes and the Winds begin to blow loudly and shake the windows, I don’t care how cold the rain is…I have to get out into the Storm.   I want to feel the wind push against my entire being.  I want to feel the rain on my face and be engulfed in the Wild Darkness.  I need to go outside and Dance with my God!
My logical brain is irrelevant.  My careful and practical self is completely powerless over me during a Storm.  It is that one moment in time that I can completely escape those parts of me that rule my life and oppress my soul.  I have in past years learned to free myself from the complete control of those parts, at least to some degree, at certain moments during ritual but, Storms have always been those moments in my life when I can be completely free and let go.  Practical, logical, careful; these words mean nothing.   Fear has no place in my world during a Storm.  No place in my body, no place in my heart or mind or soul.
I am soaring on the Wind, through the Night.  I am Dancing with my God and I am Magick!
Hail to the Storm and to the Lord of Storms!  Hail and Welcome!


  1. Hail to the Storm!

    The very last place a Libra needs to live is in the balance of the Libra Scales. They are our constant, our anchor, our prison.

    Your beautiful words:
    "I am soaring on the Wind, through the Night.
    I am Dancing with my God and I am Magick!"

    Give me hope.


    1. The occasional freedom to fly free is a gift for which I am grateful. But so is the balance that gives it context.