Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Loss and Longing

The past two weeks have been spent in the day to day.  I have spent them in conversations, in classes and in contemplation.  I have spent them in work and in rest and in play. 
I was blessed by a morning in the November sun walking for miles along a stream in the woods where I found silver rocks to give as gifts to my patrons and enjoyed the company and wisdom of my High Priestess. 
I drank toasts to a friend on her birthday and sat at the feet of teachers to increase my understanding and feed my curiosity and give my mind a different perspective to consider.
I have, with purpose, spent them in the physical reality of this world in which I live, in this body and with those human friends with whom I share this life (and of course with my Pwca) 
It has been good to ground this way after the week of the Storm/Full Moon/Samhaine.  It has been good to give myself time to integrate those experiences and to begin to understand them. 
And as with all things, balance is the key.  So last night I again sought the magick of the spaces between.  My regular Dark Moon practice is about turning within to seek the voices of clarity, of truth, of intuition, of wisdom.  It is about seeking the darkness, the stillness, the silence.  It is about listening for the voice of Spirit.  It is about divination and seeking guidance. It is about sharing my secrets with my Gods, my Allies and my Ancestors.
Sometimes they show me things that I cannot see for myself.  They hold up the mirror and reveal to me my secrets.  Last night this was the case.  I was confronted with loss and longing.  I felt sorrow for the loss one of my dearest friends was suffering. I felt sorrow for my own losses, that I have come to accept.  I felt the longing that I have known all my life.  And I know that my heart is a living, beating creature.  Loss and Longing are two parts of the Human experience.  That is not to say that they are exclusive to the Human condition, but that they are Common to it.  They are gifts to us in this life.  They are part of what gives this life its depth and meaning. 
I give thanks for the Mirror and for those who walk with me on this journey.  I give thanks for those who put their arms around me until the pain and sorrow passes and who walk with me in the sun on an autumn morning.  I give thanks for teachers and lovers and friends far and near. And if I have not said so, I give thanks for you, for traveling among the shadows and for finding the beauty in the darkness.  May the Gods bless you.

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