Thursday, January 23, 2014


My bloodlines are important to me, to my spiritual path.  They are where I come from and where I am going and who I am.  Perhaps not the entirely of the picture, but certainly the essential palette without which there would be no picture.

I think of my bloodlines as the paint, the pigments, the colors of which I am made and the composition as my specific path in this life, the choices I make are the brushstrokes.

I think that metaphor is useful but, I will not belabor it further.  This is about the colors of my bloodlines.  In this digital age we can view an identical image in multiple palettes without altering any other factor and in each instance the image will be uniquely different.

Knowing yourself is the first goal of the witch, for how can we pursue evolution if we do not understand ourselves?  I am a person, with specificity and individuality.  I am unique.  I will never again be this person.  This is the life I have in this incarnation.  And my bloodlines are the source material  of this life, of my body, heart, mind, and soul. 

I have specific talents and abilities, and processes that are necessary to the work that I am here to accomplish.  I cannot function the way another person does.  I must work within the framework and with the pigments of the palette that is me.

My bloodlines are metaphorical as well as genetic.  I am the descendant of my ancestors both familial and spiritual.  All are the stuff of the stars that made me.

I am descended from coal-miners who emigrated from South Wales to North-East Pennsylvania and German craftsmen who immigrated to Baltimore.  I am descended from musicians and stubborn, strong-willed, secret-keepers.  I hear the voices of trees and stones and running water.  I do not see, but rather feel the music of the Fae.  I am not the Phoenix but the Owl, not the Hero but the Storyteller, not the Singer but the Songwriter.

My bloodlines inform the nature of my work in this life as well as the way in which I will accomplish it.  The more intimately I understand those bloodlines and myself, the better I can accomplish that work.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blood Magick

Blood is a Magickal substance.  It sustains life, in ways no other part of us can. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body.  It can be given to others to sustain life, without damaging the giver.  It carries our DNA, our genetic code, the pattern that connects us to our ancestors and our descendants.

Blood marks the thresh hold between childhood and coming of age.  It is the place that the beginning of life is formed.  It flows at miscarriage and birth.  And it stops flowing at the time of change, when we are no longer capable of creating life.

It flows when we are injured, whether from a skinned knee in childhood or from some traumatic event, whether accidental or combative, or at the moment of initiation into the mystery of sexual awakening.

Without it flowing freely through us, we die. It is the essence of life. It carries our life force.  It is that part of us that is most quintessentially ourselves.

I sacrifice a drop of my blood every morning to test my sugar to maintain the health of my body.  I also sacrifice a drop or two to my Magick on occasion.

It is a part of me that I can give to my Magick, to my Gods, to my Ancestors, to my Allies, without causing permanent damage to my body.  It is the most direct way to connect to those spells that are of utmost importance to my life.  My Magick is at least as important to me as my health.  My Magick is as personal to me as my body.  My blood is an essential part of me, and it is mine to give as I see fit.

If you are healthy enough to donate blood to the Red Cross, consider the Magick that you are giving to your community.  Consider the Magick that saves the life of a stranger.  That is a spell worthy of a Great Witch.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Annwfn is the Underworld in Welsh mythology.  It is the home of my Ancestors and of my Patron.  It is the place our souls go after.  It is a place of shadow and of beauty.  It is a place of warmth and rest and pleasure.

Our Spirits are connected to the entire cosmos and as such they have a destiny that is one with the Greater Earth.  Our Spirits are eternal.  They reincarnate over and over.  They move forward and evolve from incarnation to incarnation.  At death, they pass from the individual into the Summerland and, after a time, they move on to the next incarnation. 

But each life is a new experience, a new person, a new body and mind and heart and soul.  I will never again be this person.  I will never again have this unique life.  This body, this soul is a gift that will never be duplicated.

When my body returns to the Earth, my soul will not die, but will return to its source in Annwfn and become one of the Ancestors of my clan, of my tribe.  Annwfn is not only our soul’s destination after incarnation but, also the source of our soul and of our genetic pattern, that gives form to the body; that gives structure to the mind and heart unique to the individual as well as the family group.  Annwfn is the womb of life as well as the afterlife. 

Spirit is eternal, but without the body and soul of the individual, Spirit would have no way to evolve.  Our souls are a part of the process of evolution.  Our bloodlines are as well.  Annwfn is the home of those souls and those bloodlines.  We are all in this together.  

Friday, January 3, 2014


Air is the beginning of everything. 

When we first emerge from our mother’s womb we take a breath. That breath is what defines us as alive, rather than still-born.  The last breath we take is, by definition, the last thing we do as a living incarnate being. 

The Circle (at least in my Tradition) begins in the East with the Powers of Air. 

Magick too begins with Air. 

It begins with an idea, with a thought, with analysis and developing a plan.

Air is inspiration and intellect. 

It is clarity of thought and focus. 

It is language and communication.

It is the circle of blue sky above us. 

It is the breeze and the whirlwind.

Ritual Magick begins with Air.  It begins with grounding and centering which is most effectively achieved through breath.  Breathing in the energy we wish to fill ourselves with and breathing out to release that which does not serve in the moment, breathing until we find our center of balance.

Air is the scent of incense that cues our selves that we are about to do something sacred.  It is the smoke that opens us to Magick.  Air is the blade that wields the force of intent. 

My daily practice is based on breathing.  As I breathe, I fill the cauldrons inside myself and connect to my Gods and Allies and Ancestors. 

Air as breath, and Air as thought, can affect our body’s nervous system and adjust our physical and emotional states and our energetic condition.

Air is the medium through which sound occurs.  Sound waves travel through Air.  Sound is energy.  When we chant, make music, sing; we create sound waves, we make Magick in, and of, and through Air.

Air is where it begins.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dark Moon Ritual December 31st, 2013

The Voice of Clarity tells me;
*keep writing.
*keep engaging.
*keep tearing at the walls to discover who I am supposed to be.
*keep moving forward to complete the work I have begun.
The Voice of Truth tells me;
*the things I become anxious about are not as big as I make them.
*let go of those things that are not mine.
*remember the lessons about living in faith.
*the connections I have are real, and not illusions. 
The Voice of Intuition tells me;
*opportunities to have the life I desire are near, be ready for them.
*love can come, and might, be open to it.
The voice of Wisdom tells me;
*take better care of my body, eat better food, get better exercise and reduce toxins.
*spend time outdoors weekly, even in the cold weather.
*renew my daily practice.
*this year will be full of challenges, but also fun, do not let the former prevent me from engaging with the latter, fun has as much to teach me as challenges.
The Voice of Spirit tells me;
*I am not alone.  I am a part of Community.
*I am not alone, my Gods, Ancestors and Allies will help me to accomplish what they require.
*I have work to do, and I am equipped to complete that work.

Blessings be upon you all.  Thank you for walking with me on this path.

Love and Light to each of you.