Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Small Black Feather Oct 30th, 2012

The Dark God came to me, naked and larger than Life itself.  He wore the semblance of a lover, but his long brown hair and beard were plaited with the feathers of blackbirds.  Two large antlers grew from his crown gleaming, golden ivory and smooth, curving gracefully upward.  His eyes were black coals, fathomless, bottomless, the stars of galaxies within them.
 His legs and arms were strong and thick like the trunks of ancient trees; his shoulders, chest and back smooth and strong like the cliffs above the river. The hair on his body was soft and brown, the color of earth.
 His skin, the color of sand, was laced with thin black spirals everywhere, a great labyrinth traced upon his entire body from brow to feet to hands.  His hands were large and strong and calloused and when he touched me they felt like tree-bark against my skin.  He smelled of ginger and clove, of wood-smoke and rotting leaves and tasted like honeycomb and sea-salt and black cherries.
He moved with the power and grace of the Bear and he spoke with a voice deep and resonating, more felt than heard, like a drum beat, low and steady or the rumble of thunder or a river heard from underground. 
Every touch, every word moved me, stirred my body and kindled my soul, touched my mind and opened my heart.  He loved me playfully, passionately, tenderly and brutally, making me  laugh and weep and dissolve into the sub-atomic particles of which I am made, a million stars dancing in the universe then suddenly coalesced into one whole, a human woman, infinitely old and incredibly young. 
He showed me my own heart, my own wild spirit, my body, my mind, my soul.  He showed me what I desire and what I need and the beauty that I hold within me. 
The seeds he planted inside me and the power that they found there, will take root and grow. I know that I am changed, yet, I am only more aware of who I have always been. 
The transformation is in my perception.  I know that I have always been as I am and that is what I am meant to be.  Magick will grow and soon I will give birth to my Self once again.  A small black feather falling back to Earth from a bird flying on the Storm. 


  1. You write so beautifully!

  2. I am in love your words, or you. It is hard to separate one from another! Both are beautiful.