Monday, March 23, 2015

Freyja-Vanadis; a new relationship...

Twenty-one years ago, when I began this journey and began meeting the Gods and building relationships with them, I learned the story of Freyja-Vanadis, the Vanir Goddess of love, sex, beauty, war, death and magick who lived with the Aesir and learned the Runes from Odin and in return taught Seidr to the All-Father.  At that time, and for years after, I made petition to Her to work with me, but the Lady was silent. 

I have always believed that She heard me and that Her silence was Her answer…I was not ready.  It was not that I was unsuitable, or that I was unworthy…I was simply not ready to learn the lessons that she would teach me.  I had work to do, other lessons to learn, skills to develop, before I could understand or effectively practice the magick that she had to teach me.

I attended the Conjure Dance at Sacred Space/Between the Worlds Conference a couple of weeks ago and, this year I was successful in opening enough to enter trance and converse with the Gods.

I spoke with and heard the voices of Beloved Deities with whom I have had relationships for years.  It was profoundly moving and I am grateful that the work that I have done in this past year was successful.  It was something that I have spent a great deal of energy and focus on and it meant a great deal to me to discover that I am indeed capable of opening enough, and to do so in the presence of other human beings.

But the most surprising voice was that  of the Lady.   Freyja-Vanadis spoke to me.  And what She said to me was this,

“Now, you are ready”.

And so I am once again building  a new relationship with the Goddess.  She has already brought many new experiences and insights, new friendships and new perspectives, a new understanding of my Self and of my work in the world, and of my service to others, and of the nature of love.  And I see more clearly what I have now that I did not have then.  

I am both honored and filled with hope to begin the work that She and I will do together…to begin the work that She would teach me.  I am also filled with the joy I find in knowing Her.

Hail Freyja-Vanadis, Lady of Light, Beauty, Fire, Passion, Joy, Magick and Love! Hail and Welcome!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Trust and Faith in the Gods…

There are many who worship or honor the Gods. There are many who work with and serve the Gods.  There are many who love and praise the Gods.  But how many of us have faith in or trust the Gods?

Faith is belief in the Gods…knowing who They are and that They are real, even believing that They hear us and speak to us…faith is relatively easy…but Trust is another matter.

Trust happens when you take action based upon faith.  Trust is doing what They have asked even when you don’t see the benefit…only the cost.  And when it comes to Gods who have a reputation for dubious dealing…well Trust is a hard thing, maybe too hard.

But I do trust my Gods…even the Ones with questionable reputations.  I trust Them because in my experience…They have NEVER let me down.  They have never abandoned me; They have never asked for what I cannot give…nor for anything that it did not benefit me to do.  They have never asked me to do something that was not within my ethical boundaries.

Sometimes the price is high and often…nearly always, it has been unexpected…but the gifts I have received in return have always been greater.

Trusting the Gods, acting on Their guidance, is often uncomfortable.  It is sometimes painful, and can be quite frightening or simply confusing, because I do not always see Their purpose.  But They have never failed to lead me to that which is better for me, and for those I love. 

I do not follow blindly.  I am responsible for my choices and my actions.  I would not do something I felt to be unethical at Their bidding.  I do believe negotiation is appropriate as it is in any relationship but, I do Trust…because They have earned my Trust.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Telling Stories

As above so below.  I believe that when we create something on the Astral plane we manifest it on the physical plane.  That is one way of making magick, and one that I find to be very natural for me.  I do this most often through telling stories.

 I am a storyteller.  It is part of my nature. I believe in stories, I read the stories of my Gods to know them better. I listen to the stories others tell about themselves.  I tell my stories to those whom I want to know me. 

When I want to change my life, I create a story of what I want that change to be, and then I tell it to myself, and my Gods, Ancestors and Allies in sacred space. 

When I want to show another what might be possible, I tell them a story of what I can see and I plant a seed in their mind, heart and soul, that they can choose to manifest if they desire it. 

Stories can heal, teach, guide and make magick.  As above so below.  So mote it be.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Knowledge, Wisdom and Gnosis; the faces of Truth

Knowledge is the first face of Truth.  It is information, facts, academic and utilitarian.  It is a beginning, but only the beginning. 

Wisdom is the second face of Truth.  It is Knowledge applied to life.  It is theoretical but useful.  It is necessary if one is to actually benefit from Knowledge.

Gnosis is the third face of Truth. It is Wisdom experienced.  Having applied Knowledge to life, and having experienced the Truth of that Wisdom, we achieve the understanding of Gnosis, Truth through Experience.

Acquire Knowledge, for it is valuable.  Learn Wisdom for it too is valuable.  But to achieve Gnosis is to understand the Mystery of Truth. This is the purpose of Life.