Saturday, January 26, 2013


There is something growing, shifting, quickening inside me, a new life gestating inside my soul.  It has no name as yet, no voice, no form, but it has a heartbeat, faint yet steady.  Almost undetectable, growing from the quantum singularity that has frightened me for so long.  I feel as though it has always been there, that there was a time when I knew it and was unafraid.  I try to remember, I try to become aware of it, to listen with my heart.  I try to be silent and wait for it to make itself known.  Like a wild creature in the woods, not looking at it directly, being still, being quiet, waiting. It feels familiar and I know that I want it to awaken and be born within me.  What that means exactly is yet a mystery but, I am no longer afraid.  I will wait, still and silent, until the time for awareness manifests.

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