Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am...

I am golden, glowing, shimmering, sparkling, shining stardust.
I am Abred and Astral, Annfwn and Avalon, Gwynfyd and Cergaunt.
I am Awenydd and Awen.  I am daughter and mother, sister and lover.
I am artist and student, gypsy and teacher, philosopher and stargazer, cloud-watcher and truth-finder.  I am wisdom-seeker and secret-keeper.  I am storyteller and peacemaker.
I am sunlight on the meadow and moonlight on the path.  I am a star shining brightly in the night sky and the planets dancing in the crown of stars.
I am the wind in the trees, and the falling snow, and a pebble in the stream.  I am a raindrop and the flowing river.  I am the mist rising from the lake.  I am the thunderstorm on the horizon and the blackbird flying on the storm.
I am an owl flying silent in the night.  I am the hawk soaring high in the sun.  I am the heron gliding low across the lake.  I am the bear traveling the star-road and a deer running through the forest.  I am the wild boar ferocious and unyielding.
I am the willow by the pond.  I am the sycamore standing beside the stream.  I am an apple in the orchard.
I am a miner and blacksmith and bard.  I am healer, hunter and witch.
I am Erhys feeding the fire and Neryll sitting by a still pool and Cyfarwydd of the tower.
I am Gwydion and Odin and Manawyddan and Cernunnos and Gwynn ap Nudd.
I am Artemis-Diana, Brighid and Bloudwydd, Rhiannon and Cerridwen and Arianrhod.
I am golden, glowing, shimmering, sparkling, shining, stardust.

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