Friday, May 30, 2014

Know Thyself

The first goal of a witch is to know thyself.  Unless we know who we are, all our study, all our work, all our magick, gains us nothing.  I met with a High Priestess of my Tradition last week.  She is particularly skilled at natal astrology and my High Priestess suggested I speak with her to gain clarity about the next steps on my journey. 

She gave me guidance, and a great deal of insight.  She pointed out to me a few things that I have not seen.  I have not been willfully blind, but much of my internal workings are still hidden to my conscious mind.  And much of my energy is spent keeping them hidden from myself, as well as from the sight of others.  I come from a long line of secret-keepers.

This woman is adept at seeing beyond the glamour that my instinctive self creates.  She is equally adept at helping me to see clearly as well.   She gave me a few challenges, and the first among them is to see past the distractions and to finally see who I truly am.  She pointed out to me that I know who I truly am and that, deep down, I really do not care what anyone else thinks of me.  

She is right in that.  Other’s opinions of me are irrelevant.  Their perceptions are almost never accurate or reliable.  Most people are blind, and their opinions are always, at least in part, colored by their own emotions and experiences.

What does matter to me is what I think of my actions, motivations, emotions, behavior, and how they affect others.  What matters to me is whether or not I express myself with integrity and honor, and what impact I have on those I love.

What matters to us says a lot about who we truly are. I know what matters to me.

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