Friday, May 23, 2014

two keys

Upon my altar are two keys.  They lay upon the silk cloth next to the onyx jar of copal between my grandfather’s pocket watch and the wishing well. I see them every morning and every evening.  They are both simple and profound.

The keys were given to me during my second degree initiation ritual by the Mother and the Father.  They were gifts to remind me of the power that lies within me to lock or unlock any door, any box, I choose.  They are mine to remind me that the doors and the boxes and the locks are mine and the choice to lock or unlock is mine and mine alone.

There are many boxes and doors within me.  Many of them have been locked and hidden for a very long time.  Many remain locked from life-long habit, many because I have completely forgotten that they even exist, and some simply because I do not yet know how to unlock them.

But the keys are there upon my altar to remind me to keep searching and striving and to never forget that the choice is mine, I may not yet know how but, it is within my power and my prerogative to learn.

I am applying myself to learning how to use these keys.  It is both my desire and my intent to learn to unlock each and every door and box within me.  So Mote it Be!

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