Friday, February 7, 2014

Clarity, Courage and Compassion

Years ago, I had been encouraged to develop a personal motto, a concise phrase that expresses the rule by which one strives to live.  I have over the years spent a good bit of time (and I continue to do so) searching, refining and reevaluating those mottos (I have a few of them; they act as vows to those to whom I am accountable, including myself).

One of those that I have come to keep over time is Clarity, Courage and Compassion.  These three words express the principles I strive to keep hold of in my daily life.

Clarity.  I find that losing sight or focus of just what my purpose is, just where my path is leading, makes it impossible for me to effectively walk that path or fulfill that purpose. Clarity is a result of faithful examination, evaluation and evolution.  If I am not paying attention, I lose my way. 

Courage.  Without courage, I cannot move forward.  I cannot fulfill my purpose or walk this path in fear.  I can achieve nothing if I hide from my life and my work.  Courage is necessary if I am to put one foot in front of the other and indeed go anywhere at all.

Compassion.  I can become so focused on the path ahead, on the ground beneath my feet, on the impetus required to keep moving forward, that I fail to recognize the needs of those around me. Without compassion, my path is pointless.  Without compassion I have no purpose.

While there are other mottos, other vows, other words that guide my life, my work, my path; Clarity, Courage and Compassion are the most fundamental and the most essential to my daily practice.

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