Thursday, February 27, 2014


Earth is both the foundation and the manifestation of life and of magick.  

It is the soil in which plants grow, upon which the animals of the planet live and die.  It is the stones and the sands and the mountains.  It is the caves and the valleys through which streams and rivers flow and the shores upon which the oceans and seas and lakes move.

Earth is the dust and ash our bodies become after death.  Earth is the grave.

Earth is the body, the flesh and bones, the muscle and tendon and skin. 

Earth is the womb and the belly, the food we eat, the shelter we inhabit, the sex through which all species procreate. 

Earth is the work we do and the money we earn to purchase that food and that shelter and the clothes we wear to protect those bodies.

It is the Pentacle on the Northern altar, the Salt used to purify and protect, and the plane on which we cast the Circle.

Earth is the Circle itself, divided in four, the glyph of the Kingdom at the base of the Tree.

It is the cakes we share and the community that shares them.

It is the silence we keep, and the drum we dance to, and the dance itself.

It is golden and glowing, and a million shades of greens and browns. 

Earth is texture and form and density. It is velvet and silk brocade, wool and burlap, linen and leather, wood and metal, clay and stone, honey and chocolate, meat and bread, milk and fruit. 

Earth is the anvil and the hammer and the metal upon which we work and the manifestation of our magick.

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