Thursday, February 13, 2014


Devotion is a form of love.  It is an expression of love and commitment, of dedication and loyalty, of admiration and respect.  It says something about the one who is devoted but, it says more about the object of that devotion.

Those who inspire my devotion are Human and other, they are Gods and other.  I am devoted to my Gods and my Beloveds for very similar reasons.  Devotion for me is an expression of faith.

It is an expression of my belief in the nobility and honor of those for whom I feel devotion.  That those persons (whether human or deity or other) can be trusted, can be counted on, that they are worthy of my faith, my trust and my loyalty. 

That is not to say that those individuals are perfect (neither deity nor human nor other) but that they have proven to be honorable.  Nor is my devotion given easily or quickly.

It takes a long time for me to learn faith.  As a rule it takes years of skeptical and close observation.   My devotion, my loyalty, my trust are earned over time.  But when that devotion is inspired, it is fervent and devout.

I am grateful for those beloveds who have inspired me to devotion.  I am grateful to have individuals in my life who are deserving of my devotion and who inspire me to be honorable and noble as they are, to be deserving of their presence in my life.

In Devotion, I give thanks for them.

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