Friday, January 10, 2014


Annwfn is the Underworld in Welsh mythology.  It is the home of my Ancestors and of my Patron.  It is the place our souls go after.  It is a place of shadow and of beauty.  It is a place of warmth and rest and pleasure.

Our Spirits are connected to the entire cosmos and as such they have a destiny that is one with the Greater Earth.  Our Spirits are eternal.  They reincarnate over and over.  They move forward and evolve from incarnation to incarnation.  At death, they pass from the individual into the Summerland and, after a time, they move on to the next incarnation. 

But each life is a new experience, a new person, a new body and mind and heart and soul.  I will never again be this person.  I will never again have this unique life.  This body, this soul is a gift that will never be duplicated.

When my body returns to the Earth, my soul will not die, but will return to its source in Annwfn and become one of the Ancestors of my clan, of my tribe.  Annwfn is not only our soul’s destination after incarnation but, also the source of our soul and of our genetic pattern, that gives form to the body; that gives structure to the mind and heart unique to the individual as well as the family group.  Annwfn is the womb of life as well as the afterlife. 

Spirit is eternal, but without the body and soul of the individual, Spirit would have no way to evolve.  Our souls are a part of the process of evolution.  Our bloodlines are as well.  Annwfn is the home of those souls and those bloodlines.  We are all in this together.  

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