Friday, January 3, 2014


Air is the beginning of everything. 

When we first emerge from our mother’s womb we take a breath. That breath is what defines us as alive, rather than still-born.  The last breath we take is, by definition, the last thing we do as a living incarnate being. 

The Circle (at least in my Tradition) begins in the East with the Powers of Air. 

Magick too begins with Air. 

It begins with an idea, with a thought, with analysis and developing a plan.

Air is inspiration and intellect. 

It is clarity of thought and focus. 

It is language and communication.

It is the circle of blue sky above us. 

It is the breeze and the whirlwind.

Ritual Magick begins with Air.  It begins with grounding and centering which is most effectively achieved through breath.  Breathing in the energy we wish to fill ourselves with and breathing out to release that which does not serve in the moment, breathing until we find our center of balance.

Air is the scent of incense that cues our selves that we are about to do something sacred.  It is the smoke that opens us to Magick.  Air is the blade that wields the force of intent. 

My daily practice is based on breathing.  As I breathe, I fill the cauldrons inside myself and connect to my Gods and Allies and Ancestors. 

Air as breath, and Air as thought, can affect our body’s nervous system and adjust our physical and emotional states and our energetic condition.

Air is the medium through which sound occurs.  Sound waves travel through Air.  Sound is energy.  When we chant, make music, sing; we create sound waves, we make Magick in, and of, and through Air.

Air is where it begins.


  1. Very poetic! I think it's very important that everyone work with Air on a daily basis, you covered that brilliantly!

  2. Beautifully written, as always!