Saturday, March 2, 2013


I have been attempting to process my Initiation Ritual for the past week.  It was overwhelmingly powerful and profoundly transforming.  The immensity of it is going to take a long time to comprehend and to integrate.  There were so many lessons, so many words and images that it feels as though I spent years on that journey.   

I am trying to allow it to settle in and plan the work I need to do one step at a time.  Right now I wait for the Sun to melt the ice and for life to slowly emerge.  I have been reliving moments I spent in preparation calling upon all of my connections to be there with me to protect me, to guide my steps and my words to give me strength for the labor, for the delivery, for the giving birth to myself as a new person.

The thing is, now I can see that it was my Coven that gave birth to me and my Community that stood with them, stood for me, to midwife my rebirth, not just witness it.  It is my task to thrive as this new person.  To grow and to learn to walk and to speak, to work magick and to live a life more full, more conscious, happier, with greater purpose and intent and with love and light and a true union of the polarities that exist within me. 

The second degree in my tradition is a transition from Witch to Priestess.  If I am to serve my Coven, my Tradition, my community, those who walk this path with me, I must experience the fullness of this magickal life.  How can I help someone else find healing if I do not heal my own wounds?  How can I help another to embrace their own light if I continue to hide in the shadows?  I need not forsake the shadows or the twilight or the beauty or the magick to be found there.  But, there is magick and power in the bright light and if I remain in fear, hiding from that power, I neglect the gifts that the Gods would give me access to that I might serve others.  You cannot guide someone where you have never traveled.

 I Give Thanks and I ask you to brave this journey into the Bright Light of Truth and Adventure with me.  The light can be a bit blinding when you are accustomed to shadow but, there are wonders to be found there too.  I know this because the God and Goddess told me so, and showed me the truth of it and the fearful brilliance of that which can be found if we dare to look.  The light of a million stars exists within us…


  1. Lovely thoughts Diane, can't wait to witness the unfolding of the new "enlightened" you :P

  2. Walking out of a dark, intimate restaurant after a leisurely meal and into the brilliant sunlight can be momentarily blinding, shocking, overwhelming. But if we stand our ground, breathe deeply, and wait to become accustomed, the day takes on a new graciousness and we can walk forward (or run!) with ease.

    I bid you welcome to the bright side. May you come to love its many treasures and experience its many pleasures. And enjoy the fact that shadows don't have to be here all the time.

    So much love and light to you!