Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Tower

The Tower is tall and straight, built of stone the color of golden sand.  It is the Tower I have seen in my dreams.  The gates are anthracite and pearl and are guarded by three beautiful women.  I know these women; they are cherished in my life.  I approach them and they greet me.  
The first is young like my daughter and is dressed as a warrior.  She has short red hair and wears armor of white silver and bears a sword that gleams in the sunlight.  There are Fire-opals at her brow, over her heart and on the hilt of her sword.  She hands me a compass of gold with gemstones of various colors connected by lines inlaid with silver.  She blesses me with Clarity and Courage for my journey.
The second is my sister. She has long flowing dark hair and she wears a cloak of red phoenix feathers.  She holds a staff of wood that bears the image of a dragon.  She touches my center and warmth spreads from that place throughout my entire being.  She blesses me with Strength and Power for the challenge that awaits me.
The third is like my mother, she wears a red silk water-color gown and red roses in her silver hair which curls around her shoulders.  She bears a crystal bowl in her hands and when I approach her she lifts the bowl and pours its contents over me, anointing me with Compassion and Wisdom for the work I must accomplish.
The gates open and I enter the Tower.  There are burning torches upon the walls and I descend the stairs in the illumination that they provide. 
When I reach the bottom of the stairs I find a pair of doors.  They are ancient and heavy and carved of the darkest wood and before them stand two men.  I cannot see their faces through the masks they wear, but I know them. They are Light and Shadow. They are my Gods and my sons and my brothers and my lovers.
They challenge me to pass between them, to maintain my balance as I pass.  I can feel the pull that each exerts upon me, like the gravity that holds the celestial bodies in their proper places, I balance between the two and pass through the doors and into the chamber beneath the foundation of the Tower.
The floor is a chessboard in anthracite and pearl like the gates above.  The ceiling of the chamber is beyond my sight but seems to be the night sky with stars and constellations and wandering planets arranged in the pattern of my own incarnation.  The compass in my hand is alight and I read the map to discover which way I am to go.  I follow the path and when I look up, they are there, two dragons; one dark, the other white. 
The dark one I know.  He is magick and shadow and mystery.  He is all that I dance with and seek and fear.  He is that quantum singularity that I have misunderstood.  He is the seed of awareness inside of me.  The white dragon I think I do not know at first, but then I can feel the cold marble tomb around me.  As I focus on him I can feel the icy grip of control.   I can feel the purity of knowledge that hides from life instead of informing it.  I can see myself as the quantum singularity within the belly of that creature.  The two move toward each other and their energies begin to merge.  They become one Dragon, immensely larger than the sum total mass of the two.  A Red Dragon, my friend, my guardian, my guide.
I am beginning to understand that for the Tower to stand and for me to find what I seek, its foundation must be balanced and stable.  I have no idea what lies before me but, I cannot move forward without the Earth firm beneath me and the Fire strong within me.  Without Clarity to guide my thoughts and Compassion to guide my heart, without Courage to move forward and Wisdom to guide my steps, the journey will avail me nothing but Madness.   
I am at once terrified and eager to begin, to discover what awaits me.  I am hopefull.


  1. May the Red Dragon's gift be a blessing in your life.

  2. Maggie,

    The blessing of your presence in my life is a gift. The Compassion and Wisdom you carry with you births Joy to our world. I give Thanks for you Lady of the Roses.