Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just asking...

Who are those beings you find in the shadows?
What are those terrors of your thresholds, your gatekeepers?
Who are the monsters under your bed?
What are the beasts hidden in your closets? 
Who are those creatures you fear to find in the darkness? 
What names do you call them by?
What powers do you possess them with?
When was the last time you sought them, named them, challenged them, embraced them?
When was the last time you looked closely and recognized that they are a part of you?
When did you last test them to see if they were truly what you imagined?
How long will you hide your face and be conquered without even drawing your sword?
How long has it been since you read “Where the Wild Things Are”
Just asking…


  1. What powers do I possess them with?

    Hmm. The powers of memory, the powers of acceptance, the powers of change.

    This is lovely work you're sharing with us.

    1. Thank you Maggie I had not thought of those...

      some of the powers I possess them with are the powers of courage,transformation and self-possession.

  2. Awenydd,

    Your words speak to me, drawing my eyes to places
    that I've learned to avoid. The fears planted as a
    child and nurtured a lifetime.

    But no, not the monsters and beasts. The call of the heroic
    quest has the power to quell fears and doubts. Evil
    is weak.

    My closet is filled with those that I care for the most. The
    friends, companions, and loves that will never be. It's the
    fear of rejection that silences my dreams. Hopelessly trapped,
    with the words in my mouth. Opportunity fades...

    And then to move on, and start the cycle again. An infinity of
    chances to hide my face and be conquered without even drawing a