Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am a witch

I am a witch.  But before I ever stood in a circle, or cast one.  Before I ever cast a spell, or even imagined one.  I met the Gods.  Not all at once mind you, I met them one at a time.  Different ones at different times but, eventually I began to know them and I became aware of the fact that they knew me.  Not only that but they had an interest in my growth and spiritual evolution.  At the very core of my path, of my journey in this life is my relationship to Deity.  If I lost all else, my family, friends, coven, tradition, magick, I would continue to grow and to thrive, I would continue to have a sense of wonder and joy in my heart because of the blessing of relationship with the Gods.  I spent the first 40 years of my life without ever meeting another witch, and when I did I was very fortunate to discover a soul friend and sister.  A year and a half later I met my coven and tradition.  I am immensely grateful for the gifts of magickal friends and community and for my beloved Moonfire.  But I would never have found any of them had it not been for the Gods that guided me to them.

I understand that there are those in our community who do not desire relationship with Deity.  They are not wired that way and I can respect that.  But my life is all about relationship.  Relationship with others in my family and in my mundane community, relationship with the Trees and the Fae that I interacted with in my childhood and with whom I enjoy communion now.  Relationship with the wonderful Feline Creature with whom I share our home.  A very important part of my purpose in this life, as I see, it is to foster positive relationships.

My role in my community is a simple one, that is not to say that I believe it is not important and indeed valuable, but it is small and quiet.  I do not generally have an active role in the larger community of my tradition.  My contribution is more in keeping with my nature and talents and is indeed a blessing.  I seek to serve but, I do so best by tending to the health, well-being, strength and stability of my coven.  By serving my High-Priestess and my coven-mates with all my heart, I contribute to the health, well-being, strength and stability of my Tradition. I strive to foster positive relationships with individual members of the larger community so that I may serve them in whatever way may be useful. 

I am not a great scholar, though I respect and admire true scholarship.  I am not a great intellectual although I have a strong mind and strive to broaden my own understanding of the nature of the world both seen and unseen.  What I have is a gift from the Gods of great joy and I hope to share that joy with others who may not have considered the true blessing of relationship with Deity.

This blog then is my attempt to use my voice to express that joy, to serve my community, to contribute to the great work.  My hope is that it will offer a spark of inspiration or encouragement to another witch that they might discover a new way of relating to the Gods.  And that they might share my joy.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts! I hope you are well.
    Love, C

  2. Glad to be reading you! Wishing you plenty of love, light and laughter and waiting to read your next installment.

  3. Following. And enjoying!