Friday, September 21, 2012

Balance and Between

We stand at the point of balance between the darkness and the light.   The summer has ended.  The days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, the air grows cooler and clearer and cleaner.  The leaves turn to fire before they fall and, the woods have a scent that makes me think of home (not the house I grew up in but, a place my soul longs for but cannot quite remember). 
I have always loved Autumn best.  Perhaps because my birthday is a week after the Equinox (and no matter how old I am, I LOVE my birthday), or perhaps because the twilight of the coming darkness is where I feel most like I belong.  Bright clear warm afternoons, or misty, foggy mornings, or crisp starry nights when the moon is a waning sliver of silver.  The world  sings in a minor key and I can almost remember the secret my heart longs for.  My body feels more intensely alive, my senses more aware, the world more acutely beautiful. 
One of the many things I love about my religion is that we celebrate the liminal, the light, the darkness, the twilight and the dawn.  In the coming darkness, the mystery is explored and secrets are discovered.  The darker and deeper the night, the more stars may be revealed.  Within the shadows more gold may be found that direct sunlight might overwhelm.  The between times, the hidden places, the thinning veils, the twilight, these are places of Magick.
May the blessings of the Magick be upon you, and inside you.  Blessed are we.


  1. I love reading your writings, Diane! Fall is my favorite season too, as you know. I'd love to spend beautiful autumn days with you again one day! Enjoy the richness of the gifts the season brings.

  2. I miss you on days lke this. I hope we can share them again too. Love you my sister.