Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Telling Stories

As above so below.  I believe that when we create something on the Astral plane we manifest it on the physical plane.  That is one way of making magick, and one that I find to be very natural for me.  I do this most often through telling stories.

 I am a storyteller.  It is part of my nature. I believe in stories, I read the stories of my Gods to know them better. I listen to the stories others tell about themselves.  I tell my stories to those whom I want to know me. 

When I want to change my life, I create a story of what I want that change to be, and then I tell it to myself, and my Gods, Ancestors and Allies in sacred space. 

When I want to show another what might be possible, I tell them a story of what I can see and I plant a seed in their mind, heart and soul, that they can choose to manifest if they desire it. 

Stories can heal, teach, guide and make magick.  As above so below.  So mote it be.

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  1. Tales remind us of who we are, and guide us towards that we strive to be.