Monday, September 8, 2014

An open letter to my Tradition

To the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel...

When I first found you, you inspired me
to overcome my fear of…


I look back now on the person I was…
on the life I had then…
and it feels like someone else’s life,
another person’s memory.

You inspired me to See...

magick in our world,
magick on our land
magick in each one of you

and to risk believing
that there was magick in me…

I sat in dark corners and listened and watched
silent and still and small
but I Saw

I saw people who had magick

people with honor
people who loved and lived with integrity
people who served our Earth
and the Gods
and our world
and one another

And I learned to trust
first you and then myself

Your love has taught me
how to trust
how to serve
how to heal
how to love
how to live my life out loud
without fear or shame or the need to pretend
that I am anything other than ALL that I am

And when I finally tested that
when I risked everything
and jumped off the cliff
I discovered that you had taught me to fly
and I found you were smiling
and laughing and dancing and flying
right there beside me

We looked into the future together
with joy
and magick
and love.
and what I saw has filled me with purpose and hope.
I will spend the rest of my life
Teaching you to see
your beauty, and strength, and magick
the way you have taught me
to see my own,

And Re-Enchanting our World…



  1. Yes. All of this and more. Love and light, Dear One.

  2. Hugs and love to you. Looking forward to the years ahead.