Friday, April 18, 2014

Hail Thor!

Hail Thor, Strong and Mighty!
Hail Thor, the Father’s Bright Son!
Hail Thor, the Wielder of Mjollnir!
Noble and Honorable is he, the Strongest by far!

He charges forth into battle,
Shining and Glorious with Hammer in hand!
His strength defeats the unjust foe!
His might defeats the false accuser!

He defends the children and kindred!
He defends the home and the land of the ancestors!
He protects the hall and all those who dwell within!
The honest man’s home does he defend!

His Might guards against the vandal!
His Nobility defeats the dishonest thief!
His Strength is above all others!
The Strongest of Warriors is He!

Hail Thor, the Strong and Mighty!
Hail Thor, the Father’s Bright Son!

This is the second fulfillment of vows that I have made to Tyr, Thor and Odin.  I give thanks to Them and praise Them for their Wisdom, Honor, Strength, and Nobility.  They have vindicated Their son and delivered him from peril and will continue to raise him up victorious.  So Mote It Be.  Hail Tyr!  Hail Thor!  Hail Odin!

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