Friday, May 10, 2013

On Falling in Love

I have been thinking a lot lately about falling in love.  Not considering it, but rather reflecting upon it.  I have been remembering the times in my life when I have experienced falling in love with another.  A boy named Jimmy when I was 11 (I kissed him in a row boat).  A boy named David when I was 14.  Another David when I was 18.
A beautiful woman named Annie, barefoot in a red dress on stage at the Tower, when I heard her sing “Carpet of the Sun” for the first time (I was 19).  Harpo Marx, when I saw a scene of him playing the harp to a beautiful blond in a black and white movie (I think I was 9).
A cat named Spot when I was 5 (he lived till I was 19) A black puppy named Kansas City Jones when I was 20 (he lived till I was 31) A little black kitten named Scooter when I was 30 (he bonded with the dog)  A grey cat named George and a black kitten named Jack.  A tiny black kitten who was born in my bed at 1 in the morning and who lived for 51 hours (I named him Merlyn and buried him in the garden and cried for 3 days)   Most of all, my beloved Pwca who I found at the SPCA.  I never even noticed the others in the room.
My nephew and my niece the first time I saw their faces and every time since.  My son and my daughter when I first felt them move inside me, when I first saw their faces in my dreams, and again when I held them as babes, when I met them as 18 year olds, and every time I see them now.  My son-in-law the first time I saw how he makes my daughter smile, and every smile since.  My granddaughter when I saw her face in my dream and then in my vision. 
My closest friends, my recent lovers, my beloveds.  The God the first time I met him and every time since, the Goddess every face she has and every time I meet her. 
Falling in love is what happens when your soul recognizes the spark of magick in another soul.  Even when it is a brief glimpse of that spark in the soul of a stranger.  It is a moment when that part of you reaches out and connects with something outside yourself, when it instinctively understands the miracle that exists in another.
Falling in love can last a moment or a lifetime.  Life holds infinite chances to recognize the miracle.  Be willing to fall.

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