Monday, April 8, 2013

In the Kingdom of Earth

In the Kingdom of the Earth, I met with the Father and the Mother.  They asked me about the keys and pointed out that I could lock or unlock anything I chose.  That all was within my own will to choose, Light or Shadow, the keys were simply reminders, the choice, the locks, the doors are within me. Then the veil was removed from around my eyes and I was confronted with my task, the Inner Great Rite, the Union of Polarities within myself.
First, I had to face the Goddesses, the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. They held my blade and I needed to convince them that I understood the energy it holds, the principles of force and action and sound. In order to claim it, I needed to prove to Them that I was worthy and capable of wielding it. 
The first thought that entered my dazed mind was “They can’t expect me to wrestle them for it!” complete with the visual image that entails. I have a slightly dry sense of irony that serves as my sense of humor at odd moments.  So having discarded a physical act of force as inappropriate, as well as completely futile, I chose to show my understanding of the active, masculine principle through sound.  
In the next moment everyone present regretted my choice, me most of all.  I made a sound so completely dreadful that I almost wished to never make another sound for as long as I live…or at least for the next year or so.  It was loud and had absolutely no power and it broke off horribly at the end.  Despite my complete mortification however I could not turn back. (Besides I would never be able to wrestle my blade from the three of them.)  So, I tried again, and failed again. 
I had nothing left inside…there was no power behind my attempt because I had left everything I had upstairs.  That is when I again began to rely on daily practice.  I made myself still inside and took one long slow deep breath.  That one breath is the consolidation of something I have practiced every day for years now.  It is a practice of filling and connecting. 
Finally, I made a sound that didn’t make me want to crawl into a hole in the floor.  It didn’t have a lot of volume, and it was a slightly higher pitch but, it had power behind it and it held.  And again, and again it had power and again it held.  The Goddesses required that I claim my talents every day.  “I am good at words and truth and sometimes beauty.”  They granted me my blade and I turned to face the Gods and claim my chalice.


  1. I can't wait to sit and talk for hours with you. See you soon.

  2. It is so good to see you claiming your Voice.

  3. I'm glad you found the power of your Sound! Blessings.