Saturday, November 15, 2014

Words and Whispers

Words have power.  Spoken aloud, they carry our power and focus it with our intent and release it into the world.  Spell-craft is often accomplished with words directing the energies that have been gathered from physical sources, from spirits who have been invoked with language.  Spoken words help us to refine and express our intent, and to keep our selves focused upon that intent. 

I believe in speaking aloud.  I believe in invoking my Gods, Ancestors and Spirits with song, and expressing my devotion with my voice.  I believe that words spoken in sacred space act upon us until the stated intent has come to pass. 

But I also believe in the power of whispers.  Words spoken aloud have power and whispers have power.  Whispering to the herbs we use in spell-craft, to stones, to magickal objects, to tools, enchants them with our personal magick.  Whispering is an intimate form of expression.  It is like telling a close and trusted friend our deepest secrets and asking them to keep those secrets and to help us to accomplish our desires.

Whispering our spells in the moments of our daily life can be a powerful way of keeping the magick in our consciousness, of keeping our intent in focus, and of helping us to act in accord.

Whispering is magick.

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